Boost your health,
fight infections and illness.

Feel revitalised, feel fantastic.

Gain Super Immunity in 30 days.


Level Up Health - lifelong lessons that empower and enable you to take control of your health and wellbeing in just one month.

39 video tutorials

41 lesson downloads  

24 bespoke charts and guides

Tried and tested product recommendations

Access to the unique Level Up Health results calculator

Tired? Lethargic?
Digestive system on the blink?


Our bodies have unique ways of telling us that things are out of sync.

And when they are? Our immunity suffers.

Our sleep impacts our immunity.
Our diet impacts our immunity.
Our intolerances impact our immunity.
Our water intake impacts our immunity.
Our vitamin and mineral levels impact our immunity.

It’s time to take back control of your health, without overwhelm,
confusion or a ‘one-size-fits-no-one’ approach.

For a limited time, your Super Immunity Programme is just £425.

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This dynamic and inspiring online programme will give you all the bespoke tools, and personalised information you need to build your immune resilience now and for a healthy future.

"This is truly an amazing course! The Super Immunity programme has given me the knowledge I need to reset my immune system for the better, and to keep taking care of it in the long run. I'm sleeping more soundly, my digestion feels great and my energy levels are more stable throughout the day. Plus I've learnt a bunch of new recipes I'm excited to share with my friends and family." 

Immunity Programme Graduate
Anne, UK

Boost your immunity in just 30 days.

This Super Immunity programme is made up of 6 modules that will put YOU in the drivers seat of your immunity health, vitality and wellbeing.


A little time to prepare for your Super Immunity 30 day journey. You’ll complete your initial testing, order your biohacking tools, meet the team and learn a few nutrition and supplement basics.


We'll help you interpret your test results and choose your supplements. You'll learn the importance of your blood type on your nutritional choices, enjoy your first cook along and be introduced to the power of biohacking and the tools at your disposal.


The module that helps to build your knowledge - your gut and immunity, how important hydration is, superfoods and eating for immunity, the importance of knowing where your food comes from and some more great cooking inspiration.


This module helps you  understand the importance of sleep and how your 24 hour circadian rhythm and your mindset play a fundamental role in immunity strength building. You’ll get some top biohacking tips AND you’ll be starting your meditation and yoga journey this week too.


This is your deep dive week where we go into more detail on some of the topics you’ve been introduced to. We’ll be looking closely at your gut health, the connection of your gut and your brain and how to maintain immunity resilience. 


In your final module we’ll be reflecting on how things have improved for you over the last few weeks and putting a plan in place to maintain and future-proof your immunity.

The Super Immunity Programme is here for you at just £425.

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  • Build immune resilience
  • Boost your health
  • Fight infections
  • Improve your sleep
  • Feel revitalised
  • Learn now, benefit forever

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  • Build immune resilience
  • Boost your health
  • Fight infections
  • Improve your sleep
  • Feel revitalised
  • Learn now, benefit forever
  • Plant the seed!

PLUS you'll receive exclusive access to the
Level Up Health Calculator

The Level Up Health Calculator is a unique digital tool that allows you to input your own scientific blood test data and receive bespoke supplemental and lifestyle recommendations that could help improve your immunity within weeks, if not days!

It really is the future in self empowered, scientifically backed, at-home health care, right at your finger tips, whenever you need it.

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Reset your mind and body
Revitalise your wellbeing

Sign up for your Super Immunity 30 Day Programme today and gain immediate access to expert guidance and support via daily videos, charts and downloads. 

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Lesson charts and downloads

All the information you need to take control of your health and vitality now and for your future.

Step by step guidance

Here to inspire you to Level up and optimise your health and to inspire you every step of the way.

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“I am so pleased that I’ve done this super immunity course! I have learnt that immunity is so much more than your immune system, it’s about supporting your body, mind & soul. I’ve been given the tools to take charge of my health and make positive and healthy lifestyle changes for super immunity. I have felt the benefits & feel stronger for it. I would highly recommend that you sign up and take charge of your health too…  What an amazing & empowering course for optimum immunity & vitality!”

Immunity Programme Graduate
Beatrice, UK

Meet your host

"Your body is your ally. When you look after it, support it and understand it - it will support you. 
When we neglect to truly connect with our bodies, we experience imbalances, ill health and general melancholy. But it simply doesn’t have to be this way. Using our revolutionary Level Up Health calculator, your own blood work and 30 days of targeted, lifelong education in your immunity… increased energy, general wellness and a lifted mood could be your everyday."

Dr Laurens Maas

B.Sc.Ost., DI. Hom., I.MD (USA)., G.Os.C. (UK)
Founder, Level Up Health and The Maas Clinic


Laurens will be your principle guide throughout your Super Immunity 30 day journey to optimise your health and vitality, for now and for the future. He has over 25 years’ experience at the forefront of the Functional and Integrated medicine field and advocates that if you ‘live healthy’, you ‘live happy’. Laurens is the author of three books with subjects ranging from ‘curing Type 2 Diabetes' through to ‘the laws of perfect health'. He works tirelessly to not only share his knowledge and expertise, but to personally practice what he advises each and every day.

Let us support you to support yourself better!

Let’s Level Up your health.
Meet the team

Some questions you may be asking...

Who the Super Immunity Programme is for?
  • Motivated individuals who are ready to commit to better health
  • Busy people who want to unlock better immunity and increased energy
  • Health conscious humans who crave a more holistic, personalised approach to wellbeing
  • Parents, young adults, retirees and anyone searching for a long term, informed relationship with their body and health 
  • Functional medicine newbies who are curious about how to break up with bad habits and start living a more mindful life
Who the Super Immunity Programme is NOT for?
  • People who want a silver bullet to their health issues

  • Those looking for a ‘magic pill’ solution without any effort

  • Individuals with serious conditions or those who are severely immuno-compromised

FAQ's in full

Here to inspire you to Level up and optimise your health and to support you every step of the way.

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